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I recently had a zoom conference with a businessman who owns, operates and excels Ninja Credit Consultants. Utilizing entrepreneurial skills and leadership, He went straight to developing a plan to advance and automate my own ventures in the marketing/business(s).. Ian is very knowledgeable, speaks intelligently and slowly enough to clearly understand and follow along. Let me conclude with the highest recommendation for a pleasant and productive mutual conference. Looking forward to SUCCESS!
Ray Steen Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Ray Steen

Has been a major influence in bettering my personal credit and business as well ! Can’t wait to see what next to come thank you @ninja credit consultants llc
Real Easly Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Real Easley

My score was below par when I made a call. Now I’m headed way above and beyond what I thought wasn’t possible. Highly recommend this company.
Kevin Herzog Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Kevin Herzog

Came in with a bad credit score and debt. Having trouble getting a rental and place to live. Within a day I was set up on a path for a huge boost to my score. Within weeks I jumped well over 100 pts. Straight forward plan with no room for mistakes. Now I’m on my way to actually having freedom to choose where I live.
Dooney P Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Dooney P

Ian is excellent! listens and responds. know how to get to what you need and how to guide to to where you want to be. can’t recommend him highly enough… but I certainly will!
Tedd Cuttitta Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Tedd Cuttitta

This Company was very professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable
Toni Review of Ninja Credit Consultants


Very knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciate the all the help they have provided.
Natasha Jones Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Natasha Jones

Not only is this company professional, the attention that is put into your concerns is amazing!! I am so glad I choose this company, Ian was always available for any questions I had and was willing to help with anything I needed help with. This is honestly the company to choose for anything regarding your credit! I highly recommend Ninja Credit they are incredible!
Kiara Brito Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Kiara Brito

Ian did a wonderful job. Educated me and answered all my questions. Definitely will work with this company again!
Toshira S Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Toshira S

This company is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dependable! I would give you guys 10 stars if I could! Thank you so much
Tiffany Mayfield Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Tiffany Mayfield

This company really knows their stuff. Ian worked tirelessly to insure great results. Definitely Recommend.
Smokehouse Market Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Smokehouse Market

Ian has been so helpful. He’s an awesome dad to our little girl ❤️ and he’s awesome at fixing credit and helping people too. I have student loans and I honestly had no idea what I was going to do about it. He is helping me understand the process and consolidate my loans. Thank you! 😁
Jerrica Coyle Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Jerrica Coyle

Ian does a fantastic job he goes right to work. Doesn’t put you off like a lot of people do.
Christine Schrauben Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Christine Schrauben

I spoke with many credit repair agents there was none as knowledgeable an as professional and friendly as Ian from Ninja credit consulted I will recommend anyone To use this services
Andre Lockhart Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Andre Lockhart

Ian, the owner of this company is very helpful and knowledgeable. The whole plan is discussed and laid out to you; he will walk you through out the entire process, will follow up with you as needed, will remind you of the things that you need to accomplish in your end and will answer all your questions and concerns. I will recommend his services 100%. 👍🏽👍🏽
Lyndon Timbang Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Lyndon Timbang

Ninja Credit has taken my personal and business credit to new heights! I was able not not only buy a home but also he built tradelines and now I have access to cash lines and I am well on my way to flip houses!
Chino Cordoba Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Chino Cordoba

When you need superman in the dark of the night, IAN AND THE NINJA CREDIT CONSULTANT TEAM IS WHERE TO GO….. I am a realtor with Keller Williams in Rutherford New Jersey, and he has helped several clients get their credit right in record time to put them in positions to afford a house with a traditional loan. This team is always available and I highly recommend them.
Anthony Rivera Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Anthony Rivera

Great Experience, very knowledgeable on the requested subject. Would definitely recommend.

Charles Simpkins Review of Ninja Credit Consultants

Charles Simpkins

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We know that the path to success is not always clear and we want you on your best foot. Our team can provide tools for any type of problem, from credit solutions all way through mindset change!

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