Having bad credit isn’t a life sentence. With the right resources, you can fix your credit and get back on track. And that’s where Credit Builder Card comes in. Have you been looking for a trusted source to help rebuild your credit? Ninja Credit Consultants LLC has the solution for you. Meet Credit Builder Card, a secured credit card marketplace that provides low-security deposits and reports to all 3 credit bureaus. Best of all, there is no hard inquiry or credit score requirement for approval – so everyone can qualify.

How it Works

With the Credit Builder Card, you use your own money to fund your deposit and open your secured credit card. This means there are no strict credit requirements, making it easier than ever to get approved. This trusted resource from Ninja Credit Consultants LLC offers an easy two-minute application process with no credit score requirement. You can apply here https://bit.ly/NinjaBuilderCard, start making purchases with your card, and start rebuilding your credit!

It’s important to note that not all banks are created equal – and neither are their interest rates. That’s why Ninja Credit Consultants helps match you with the right bank based on the state you live in. After all, having access to a low-interest rate means more money remains in your pocket each month, allowing for even faster credit repair down the road Once you’re approved, typically in two weeks or less, you have access to an interest rate under 23%. 

In addition to helping find the right bank for you, Ninja Credit Consultants also provides a number of other services such as one-on-one consultations and budgeting advice. With their guidance and expertise at your side, there’s no doubt that repairing your credit can be easier than ever before!


The Benefits of Credit Builder Card

Credit Builder Card is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to start fixing their own credit without having to pay monthly fees for repair services. It’s also ideal for those who have applied for traditional loans or cards but have been denied due to their low credit score. This program has also helped many members improve their credit score– some by 50 points or more!—so why not give it a try? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!



If you’re looking for an easy way to fix your own credit without having to pay expensive fees each month, look no further than Credit Builder Card from Ninja Credit Consultants LLC! With its two-minute application process and no minimum credit score required, it’s never been easier to get started on improving your financial situation. 

Credit Builder Card is an excellent option if you want to begin rebuilding your credit today! Through our secured credit card marketplace and helpful consultants from Ninja Credit Consultants LLC, anyone can get access to financing they need while also repairing their poor FICO score without needing a hard inquiry or even a good credit score requirement for approval! To learn more about Credit Builder Card visit https://www.creditbuildercard.com/ninjacreditconsultants today!

Rebuild Your Credit with Credit Builder Card
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“A journey to better credit begins with the right tools and guidance. At Ninja Credit Consultants, we believe that bad credit is not a life sentence. With the Credit Builder Card, we offer a path to financial recovery that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of their credit history.”

– Ian M. Lacovara

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